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Selective Admissions: $43.90

Applicable to AAS Degree Programs in Nursing, Polysomnography, Respiratory Care as well as to all Applied Bachelor Degree Programs (Cybersecurity and Forensics, Global Trade and Logistics, Respiratory Care and Youth Development).

Building Fee

$2.50 per credit for 1 to 10 credits per quarter ($25 maximum), assessed at the time of registration. This fee was established by a vote of the students to cover costs of the Highline Student Union and is assessed at the time of registration.

Instructional Technology Fee

$37.70 per course for students enrolled in computer-related courses.

Graduation Fee (non-refundable): $13.50

$13.50 for first application; $6.75 for each additional application when submitted at the same time.

Diploma Reorder Fee (non-refundable): $13.50

$13.50 for first diploma/certificate; $6.75 for each additional diploma/certificate when ordered at the same time.

Late Course Add Fee: $49

Students will be charged a late-add fee for each course added after the 10th class day of the quarter (eighth day for summer quarter).

Non-sufficient funds Fee (NSF): $25

The fee for non-sufficient funds is $25.

Picture ID Fee

Free for students currently enrolled. Students will be charged $4.20 for replacement cards.


Testing Fees

Transcript Fee

Each official transcript copy costs $6.05 (See how to order an official Highline College transcript.) If you attended Highline after Summer 1991, you may obtain free unofficial transcripts on the Web.