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Entry Codes

What is an entry code?

An entry code is a five-digit random number that is needed to enroll for a class when a pre-requisite or permission is required and Highline does not have a record that the student has met the pre-requisite. An entry code may be used only once.

Why do I need an entry code?

You may need an Entry Code for a class if:

  • Highline has no record that you have the required placement test scores
  • Highline has no record that you have taken the required prerequisite class, or
  • the class requires instructor permission

How do I get an entry code?

If you need an Entry Code for a class, you will enter your request using the Class Schedule

The request will be sent to an instructor or department coordinator who will review and respond to your request.

Request an Entry Code

Use the Class Schedule to find the course. In the description of the course there is a link to “Log in” -you must log in before you can submit a request.

Entry Code 1

The login uses your normal Highline account. Once logged in you will be able to request an Entry Code.

Entry Code 2

Click on the “Request an entry code” link to begin your request.

Entry Code 3

Entry Code 4

Select the specific class for the Entry Code request.

Entry Code 5

Explain why you meet the prerequisite for the course.

Entry Code 6

Click on “Submit Request” to send your request to the instructor or department coordinator. they will then review and respond to your request.

Please note: An email confirmation of your Entry Code request will be sent to your Highline email account. If you do not receive the confirmation, it is possible that your email program has flagged the email as junk mail. You should configure your email program to accept all email from “highline.edu”.