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SID - Student Identification Number

  • Forgot your SID?  Use the online application "Display my SID".

  • What is a SID?
    • All students at Highline have been randomly assigned a SID unique to Highline and designed to protect your confidential records
    • The nine-digit number is used in all registration and financial transactions at Highline.

  • New students: get your SID through Admissions located in building 6 upper level. In addition to using your SID for all transactions, you will often need a PIN.

PIN - Personal Identification Number

  • Your PIN is originally assigned as your six-digit date of birth. For example:
                May 7, 1976             would be     050776
                December 17, 1955  would be     121755

  • Use your default pin first, contact admissions if it does not work. If you changed your PIN and have forgotten it, contact to reset it to your date of birth.