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Registration Dates and Deadlines

Activity Fall
Registration Begins (Get registration time; register):

Add Class
: Current students
May 6 November 4 February 10 TBD
Add Class: Former students
May 19 November 17 February 23 TBD
Add Class: New student registration begins
(*no registration time assigned for new students*)
May 27 November 21 February 27 TBD
Tuition due (See ways to pay) September 4 December 4 March 5 TBD
Waitlist closes at 9:30 PM (Check your waitlists) September 21 January 4 March 29 TBD
Quarter Begins

Add Class: instructor signature now required for full classes with waitlist  (Use Add/Drop form)
September 22 January 5 March 30 TBD
Add Class: Last day to register via the web for open classes with no waitlist September 24 January 7 April 1 TBD
Refund: last day for 100%   (Refund policy) September 26 January 9 April 3 TBD
Space available waiver - Sr Citizen, State & HCC employees. Instructor signature required.
(Use Add/Drop form)
September 29 January 12 April 6 TBD
Add Class: last day to add class and not be charged a late add fee October 3 January 16 April 10 TBD
Drop Class: last day to withdraw via the web October 3 January 16 April 10 TBD
Drop Class: last day to withdraw, no W on transcript October 10 January 26 April 17 TBD
Refund: last day for 40%  (Refund policy) October 13 January 26 April 20 TBD
Add Class: last day to request audit – Instructor signature required  (Use Add/Drop form)

Add Class: last day to request Credit (CR)-No Credit (NC) (Use Add/Drop form)
October 10 January 26 May 22 TBD
STEPP payment due (Learn about STEPP.) October 15 January 15 April 15 TBD
STEPP payment due November 14 February 13 May 15 TBD
Registration ends

Add Class
last day to add Indep, Special, Contractual Studies or any other class – Instructor signature required.
November 14 February 27 May 22 TBD
Drop Class: last day to withdraw; "W" on transcript.
(Use Add/Drop form)
November 14 February 27 May 22 TBD
Last Day of Class Instruction December 8 March 19 June 5 TBD
Final Exams December 9-12 March 17 - 20 June 8 - 11 TBD
Quarter Ends December 12 March 20 June 11 TBD
Grades available online December 17 March 25 June 17 TBD